Design by Marc poldermans

Marc Poldermans

About marc

Escaping the ordinary, escaping the borders

Inspired by natural colours, materials and shapes. Products made and touched by hands. Escaping the ordinary, escaping the borders.

Escaping the ordinary

Marc started his career in interior design in the 80s. He traveled the world to get inspired and to find the most beautiful earthly materials. In the 80s and 90s he worked on many different interior projects and realized something elementary was missing in every interior.


Touched by hands, inspired by nature

The absence of imposing large binding objects drove him to make his own designs. He started creating beautiful timeless objects.

By now Marc has a clear signature and a large balanced collection for your complete interior or project. Objects by Marc Poldermans add more bite to your interior. Live Life Large!


Durable materials

Our interior objects are inspired by nature, natural shapes and biotic materials.

Our products are handmade, crafted by the best artisans. We don’t do mass production. Our collections are made with love.